Anthroposophy and the world-wide Anthroposophical Society

Anthroposophy is the name given by Rudolf Steiner to a body of knowledge concerning humankind’s common spiritual heritage and it’s earthly dilemma, allowing for a worldview befitting of humankind’s dignity. Formerly much of this knowledge was a picture-knowlege possessed and passed on in part by few. Rudolf Steiner articulated and elaborated this knowledge into a modern conceptual form, Anthroposophy, arriving at it by way of disciplined scientific research into the spiritual world and a thorough familiarity with modern natural science, creating for the first time a reference available to all of humankind. Also called spiritual science, Anthroposophy does not contradict the work or evidence of natural/physical sciences, but is a necessary complement for understanding their full significance in everyday life.  

Commonly misconstrued and mislabeled as a philosophy, Anthroposophy’s clarifying effect has led to many significant cultural and scientific contributions which are slowly gaining recognition. As a path for striving individuals Anthroposophy can engage humankind as beings of body, soul and spirit.

Individuals come together to form groups to study Anthroposophy, attempting to nurture a realistic worldview that balances and redeems the one-sided nature of the natural-scientific viewpoint. Some students of Anthroposophy, or groups studying Anthroposophy, are independent members of a worldwide movement called the General Anthroposophical Society, based in Dornach, Switzerland, in a World Heritage Site building called the Goetheanum.  Locally and beyond, all people of goodwill and with an open-mind are welcome to join this society, and one can explore membership in the United States through this link: <>.

Amongst the many initiatives that are directly informed by Anthroposophical knowledge are: Waldorf education and Waldorf Schools (known as Steiner schools in Europe); Biodynamic agriculture; Anthroposophical medicine; natural scientific initiatives; performing arts initiatives including dramatic and speech arts, and the relatively new art of Eurythmy; visual and sculptural arts initiatives; social initiatives, including financial initiatives.

This local events calendar is maintained by students of Anthroposophy in Eugene for the benefit of all local community members who study or otherwise seek to include or be informed by Anthroposophy in their lives.  All events listed herein have some kind of relationship to Anthroposophy. Listed events should not be construed as representative of Anthroposophy per se, but rather of the initiatives of individuals seeking to deepen their own understanding of Anthroposophy and of life.

You can contact the maintainers of this calendar website at: rsgeugene(at)

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